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    June 12, 2022
    Sean Barker

    12 June 2022
    Sean Barker Live At Hero Heroine

    02 October 2013
    Sean Barker Complete Interview
    Rory Fraser Media

    16 July 2022
    Sean Barker Doesn't Win A T.a.c. Award... Abridged

    09 November 2010
    Shawn Barker: Hommage à Johnny Cash Au Capitole
    M FM 102,9 fm

    08 June 2012
    Shawn Barker «i Walk The Line»

    11 October 2009
    Sean Barker 'the Game That Was Nearly Lost'

    20 August 2013
    Skylar Grey - Back From The Dead Ft. Big Sean, Travis Barker

    30 September 2013
    The Best Of Friday Night Fisticuffs: Season 1
    Sean Barker

    24 December 2018
    Pennsylvania Remembers
    Sean Barker

    28 June 2022

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